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House of AN is thrilled to share with you the highly anticipated release of Ăn: To Eat, Master Chef Helene An’s first cookbook since starting her culinary adventure in America over 40 years ago.

Crispy Chicken Spring Rolls pg 84Turmeric Fish, Page 101Ăn: To Eat is not just another cookbook! It is an invitation to the An Family table to experience Chef Helene’s award winning cuisine together with her inspiring life story of aristocrat to refugee to restaurateur as chronicled by her daughter, Jacqueline An. Ăn: To Eat features the An Family’s most beloved dishes, from home comforts like Oven Roasted Lemon Grass Chicken to French Onion Pho, a James Beard Favorite Dish of 2015.


“Ăn: To Eat isn’t just a good cookbook, it’s a hell of a story.”

“It’s so wonderful: The An story, the An family, and especially the An food. Vietnamese royal cuisine meets L.A. flair.”
     —Alan Richman, 16-time James Beard Foundation winner for food writing and GQ food correspondent

Chef Helene An’s talent for composing flavors is virtuosic. Her contribution to the California culinary landscape places her firmly in the ranks of Alice Waters and Wolfgang Puck. Ăn: To Eat grants us a peek at some of her delectably covert recipes–after all, everyone loves a tasty secret.”
     —Eddie Lin, Los Angeles Times food writer

“Chef An’s cooking isn’t simply about food. It’s a celebration of life, of family, of survival and triumph. Her life is a tribute to living well — and living with love!”
     —Merrill Shindler, KABC Radio

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