Our Story

An Family Tradition Continues…
This is a story of three generations of strong willed Vietnamese women who rose from heartbreaking and devastating loss of home and country to building a multi-million dollar food and hospitality conglomerate. It is a story about their unquestionable power of determination and endurance in the process of survival. It is a story about a family who not only survived, but successfully reestablished their new lives in a foreign country and in doing so, found within themselves a commitment to a heritage and a passion for a tradition, a “Culinary Tradition” which is now the core of the An Family Story.
Culinary Philosophy
I prefer flavors and tastes that are simple, refined, and light. My culinary approach is based on the principles of Eastern medicine, rich in anti-oxidants and healthy herbs, made from the finest ingredients, used only when they’re in season and at their freshest. I am uncompromising when it comes to taste and health and I insist that my cuisine not only taste good, but also be good for you. I refer to this balance as the “Yin and Yang of Cooking.” With this philosophy in mind, combined with my simple and elegant approach, I create a signature blend that has remained consistent for over 30 years, and this is the Crustacean culinary philosophy.