We are located on the third floor of 1475 Polk Street,

on the corner of Polk and California

(415) 776-2722

We currently do not offer valet parking. For secure parking:
Old First Garage
1725 Sacramento St
1 block north of California St.
Please do not leave behind any valuables inside of the vehicle.

Out Front of Crustacean Front of Crustacean's Bar Table ready to be sat Helene An The Roast Crab and Garlic Noodles The Royal Tiger Prawns Crustacean's First Table section Cable Car on Van ness street

Our Restaurant

Crustacean San Francisco is the first of the upscale "Crustacean" restaurants by House of An which operates several restaurants and a catering company all featuring the Euro-Asian fusion cuisine of Master Chef Helene "Mama" An. The secret kitchen is a fascinating element of Master Chef Helene An's culinary legacy and the An family's success story. The secret kitchen features An's famous dishes such as the Whole Roasted Dungeness Crab, Garlic Noodles & Charbroiled Colossal Royal Tiger Prawns.

Chef Helene’s imaginative cooking techniques and creative use of immunity-enhancing herbs and spices flourish into healthy, flavorful dishes. Helene’s garlic noodles are still her bestseller at the Crustacean restaurants. Esquire wrote, “And beware—the whole roasted Dungeness crab and garlic noodles could make you cry.” It refers to a completely concealed kitchen within the main kitchen, off limits to all employees except the an family and chefs with An’s famous dishes. We also feature an extensive wine list to accompany your meal.

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